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In addition to the Sales and Appraisals of properties also we offer the following services:

- Affidavits of characterization to Urban Land Registry.
- Construction proyects and construction management.
- Analysis of investment.
- Adjustment of constructions for state agencies.
- Study of blue prints.- blue prints regulations.
- Advice on Leases.
- Evictions.
- Releases.
- Rentals and Building Management.
- Calls to assemblies of co-owners (Ordinary and Extraordinary Assemblies).
- Monthly or annual balances of Common Expenses.
- Collection of Common Expenses through RED PAGOS.
- Collection of rents and deposits in personal accounts.
- Procedures to ANDA Rentals and CGN (Contaduría General de la Nación).
- Defense from ANDA and CGN after the withdraw of the tenant if damage is confirmed.
- Lease deposit to the BHU.
- Payment of lease income tax (IRPF) to the DGI.
- Preparation and issuance of Affidavits forms for the lease income tax (IRPF).
- Processing of personal income tax (IRPF) exemptions for lease.
- Input folders into banking institutions for acquisition of property.

Always working with professionalism and transparency,
focused in optimizing your time.