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What is a valuation?

It is to determine and specify the value or price of a good either movable or immovable by a competent professional using an established criteria and developing an adequate methodology to achieve the proposed end.

Why a valuations?

It is important that when determining the value of a movable or inmovable good to appeal to a competent professional to minimize error margins, and above all, to have the right advice since the value obtained can be decisive when making decisions.

When may I need a valuation?

There are different reasons that may warrant a valuation and advice of a competent professional. There are situations where a valuation is required by those who want to know the value of their heritage, or there are situations where they are required for other reasons or by a third party.

For Example:

Purchase - Sale of property or furniture
Collateralised loans (mortgages, pledges)
Mortgage credits
Purchase - sale of commercial premises
Purchase - sale of commercial establishments
For certain disputes that need it (forced sales; determining value to compensate owners, partitions, among others)